We have three properties, brief details of which are given below:

Worli Property
has in all 140 tenants in which 40 are the commercial tenants & 100 are the residential tenants.
There are commercial 5 tenants & Resdential 17 tenants, total 22 tenants are in our Santacruz (west) property which we have sold in 2004.

We have 22 Residential tenants in our 3rds property, it was known as Jamal Mansion earlier & now Mangal Adesh co. op - Housing Society Ltd. at 4th golibar road Santacruz (east) Mumbai 400055.


  Worli property 12000 yards 999 years lease hold land owner. Late Ramazanalli Shariff Lakhani worth 1000 crores SLP civil Appeal 5514-5515 of 2012 filed by plaintiff's legal heirs of late Ramazanalli Shariff Lakhani, Mrs Razia A Shroff, Mr Shiraz K Pradhan, Mrs Mumtaz N Somani.

19th February 1946
Mr. Ramazanalli Shariff Lakhani our grand father has taken Lease hold rights from Mr. Hassanalli Jummabhai Damji for 999 years Lease Vide regd. deed BOM 824/ 1946 1 to 11
27th February
My Grand father Borrowed Rs. 4 Lacs Loan from M/s. Fazalbhoy and company as a English Mortagage Vide Agreement BOM- 1326/1947/ and produced 4 Films
1 to 20
1940 to 1950 4 films was produced (1) Badal (2) Zeenat (3) Davat
(4) Rang Mahal in eastern studio a lease hold premises by Mr R S Lakhani as a producer
1 to 08
10th August 1946 12000 Sq. yds Map Plain from the sub registrar office dated
23-10-2000 by Mr Shroff.
1 to 1
!7th September 1948 My Grandfather gave 125.6 Sq mtrs Plot for the Electricity purpose for the 25 years to the Bombay municipality and the Bombay Electric supply and Transport Committee for Rs.1/- rent per
Annum vide Regd. indenture Bom 3802/2/6/ 1948
1 to 4
27th March 1950
Will of lessor Regd. Mr..Hassanalli Jummabhai Damji Worli property mentioned Lessee my grand father Ramjanalli Shariff Lakhani at monthly Rs. 1500/- rent to his heirs or assignes to pay Regd. Indenture deed BOM 3835 1/20/1950 1 to 20

18th August 1950 Public Charitable Trust formed by the widow of Lessor Hassnalli Jummabhai Damji and others informing my grand father is the Leesee of the plot of 12000 Sq. yds with the deposit of Rs. 18000/- and monthly rent of Rs. 1500/- with the building and structure worth of Rs. 2 Lacs Lessor has no BENEFICIAL INTEREST in the said lease deed vide Regd. deed BOM 3837/1/14/1950 1 to 19
28th August 1953 Deed of Assignment took Place when my grand father was in possession of property of worli vide regd. Agreement BOM/5115/1/7 /1953 1 to 7
In the year 1953 Money Lender filed M/s. Petition 6/1953 against my grand father for the payment of Rs.4 Lacs and interest towards 1 to 1
In the year 1954 Court receiver was appointed in the M/s Petition of 6/1953 1 to13
3rd February 1956 Money Lender kept one Mr. Shantital Chunilal Kapashi as a Leave and License on monthly rent of Rs. 5,000/- in my grand fathers property to run the business of bus body building Company by name Ruby Coach Builders. 1 to 8
31st March 1956 Money Lender Mr. Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co. and Leave and License tenant Mr. Shantilal Chunilal Kapashi has taken another person Mr. Indravadan M. Nadkarni Director of M/s. Chemopharma Laboratories Limited as a Subsidiary Leave and License in my grand fathers property to run the business of manufacturing Tablets, Syrups etc, at Rs. 1100/- per monthly compensation in the room no. 9 to 16 of First floor where eastern studio was there where my grand father has produced 4 films namely (1) Badal (2) Davat (3) Zeenat (4) Rang Mahal 1 to5
In the year 1968 Money Lender M/S Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co, Ltd. and Leave and Licenses Mr Shantilal Chunilal Kapashi had filed suit 6114/1968 to vacate the premises from the Directors Mr. Indravadan Desai and Mr. S.M. Kulkarni of M/s. Chemo Pharma Laboratories Ltd 1 to 18
In the year 1968 My Grand father Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani had filed the suit no 7195/1968 against M/s. Fazalbhai and Company Limited in the City Civil Court but Court has no Jurisdictions. 1 to 32
In the year 1969 Mr. Indravadan Desai and Mr. S.M Kulkarni had filed the suit no. 33/822/ 1968 against money lander M/s. Fazalbhai & Co. Ltd' and Leave and Licences Mr. Shantilal Chunilal kapashi for their Legal battle. 12 to 20
In the year 1969 Money Lender M/s. Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co. Ltd. and Leave and Licences Mr. Shantilal Chunilal Kapashi had filed suit no. 710/1969 in the High Court against Director Mr. Indravadan Desai and Mr. S.M" Kulkarni for their Legal battle to vacate the premises when they had given in the year 1956 for manufacturing Tablets Medicines. Purpose by way of Subsidiary Leave & License.
1 to 40
In the year 1969


Money Lender M/s. Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co. Ltd. and Leave and Licences Mr. Shantilal Kapashi had field suit no 796/1968 and finally they succeed getting removed M/s. Pharma chemo Ltd. out signing Consent terms in the year 1971. 1 to 27
14th November 1977 My grand father's Architect M/s. Chhatber & Co. visited sites he found that the entire possession of the property was with Mr. Shantilal Chunilal Kapashi and there was sign board of the M/s. Ruby Coach Industries Pvt.Ltd. 1 to 8
20th May 1978 My grand father Late. Ramzanbhai Shariff Lakhani will is under challenge 1 to 6
29th August I978 Death Certificate of Late. Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani 1 to 1
9th February 1979 Suit 360/1979 filed in the Mumbai High Court by the 2 executors Mr. Husseinalli S. Lakhani & Mr. Mohammadalli S. Lakhani after the death of . my grand father Mr. Ramzanalli S. Lakhani to redeem the property vide General Power of Attorney of 18- 11-1975. 1 to 300
11th August 1979 Court receiver was appointed in the respect of suit premises by Hon'ble Justice Mrs. Sujata Manohar 1 to1

26th October 1978


Our C. J. Shah and Associates Architect has replied to Valuation officer unit V Income Tax Dept by the Husseinalli Shariff Lakhani that the R S Lakhani is not the qwner of the land he is the lessee of the Land your notice v/s 16A(4) of wealth Tax act dated 20th September 1978. 1 to 6
17th April 1979 Heirs and Preent Trustee Mr Amir Ahmedali Chagla informing charity Commisioners Vide indenture deed some changes towards the Worli property sub registrar No 3837 Book No 1 of 5-10-1950 1 to11
13th March 1979 Chamber Summons no 163/1979 field by Husseinalli Sharif Lakhani before the High Courtundertaking Will will be probate, but as on today dates it was not probate. 1 to 2
l9th May 1982 Estate duty notice u/s ITX -ED 397 (81- 82) Pending Rs.1,14,066= 10 recovery certificate no. R-631 (2) B1-82. 25-03- 1982. 1 to 1
8th September 1983 Sale Deed was Signed by the 2 executors Mr. Husseinalli S" Lakhani Mr. Mohmmad S. Lakhani and 3 Brothers Mr. Dhiraj s. Kapashi, Mr. Seventilal S. Kapashi, Mr. Indulal Kapashi. Prior to Consent terms and Consent Decree. 1 to
31st May 1984 Lessor Advocate Rustamji & Ginwala notice to Court receiver for the pending of rent towards Worli property for the amounts of Rs.9000/- 1 to 2
24th September 1984 Consent terms between executors Mohmmadalli Lakhani and Mortgages money Lander Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co. Ltd.
1 to 5
24th September 1984 Consent decree between executors Husseinalli Lakhani and money Lender M/s Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co Ltd filed on 30-09-1985 1 to 7
16th January 1985 Consent Terms between Ramazanalli & others. Ramazanalli and Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co. Ltd. 2,2A and 2B Defendant.  
16th January 1985 Consent Terms between Ramazanalli & others. Ramazanalli and Fazalbhai Ibrahim & Co. Ltd. filed 30-09-1985 2,2A and 2B Defendants.  
18th January 1985 Rs.9,51000=00 deposited by executors in the Bank united Commercial Bank Husain Lakhani-mohammad lakhani 1*2
30th January 1985 Unit Trust of India 89000 units Purchased as per CGS 85 O103717 by Husseinalli Shariff Lakhani's name 1*1
6th March 1985 Partnership regd. deed of Mr. Kapashis brothers Purchased on consent terms consent decree by Mumbai High Court 1 to 19
In the year 1987 Court of Small Causes cases filed by Kapashi Bros against our tenants for harassment & than withdrawn 1) Nishui corp v/s Mohamad Rafi Ajimulla R.A.E. No.2293/1987. 2) Nishui Corn v/s Mohiddin Ali R.A.E No 2290/1987
3) Nishui Corpn v/s Balkuwar Bhalasing
R.A.E. No. 2290 /1987
4) Nishui Corpn v/s Ranaiya govind
R.A.E. No. 22BB / 1987
5) Nishui Corpn v/s Gangji Dharshi
R.A. E. N o. 2283 /1987
6) Nishui corpn vls Mohhiddin R.A.E.
No. 2282/ 1987
7) Nishui corpn v/s Shriram G Yadav
R.A.E. No. 2280/1987
B) Nishui Corpn v/s Gangji Dharshi
R.A.E. No. 2279/1987
9) Nishui Corpn v/s Puzikal Ethgly
R.A. E. No. 2297 /1987
10) Nishui Corpn v/s Balkuwar
Bholasingh R.A.E. No. 2303/1987.
1 to 26
16th April 1987 Mrs. Khairunisha Pradhan stayed at Hyderabad from 1974 to 1986 1 to 1
23rd February 1988 Unit Trust of India unit redeemed as per Bank Statement for Rs.9,65,650/-  
7th December 1989 Lessor and Trustee has signed the Reversionary Interest Agreement with the Kapashi bros. after obtaining consent Decree from the High Court in the year 1985 1 to12
16th April 1992 11 years rent receipts issued by the executors son Mr. Raza Hussein Lakhani in one day and he has transferred flats /shop/garage in the name of family members owner Mr. Ramazanalli Shariff Lakhani has given to stay without receipts to the family members, 1*2
1st October 1993 Worli property Tax receipts in the name of Lessee Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani and Lessor Mrs. Jenabai Hassanalli 1 to 10
18th March 1994 Death Certificate of executor Mr, Husseinalli Shariff Lakhani 1 to 1
27th March 1995 Estate duly of Rs. 1,66,788/- was paid after 13 years notice issued in 1982 by Govt prior to sale of Worli property by executors and signing consent terms and consent decree in 1984- 1985 1 to 1
31st October 1994 EDC R-631(&) issued for Payment Estate duty pending with the Assessment order issued by S. K. Motwani 7th Asstt. Controller of estate duty manager with in 7 days. 1 to 3
14th October 1995 Death Certificate of Executor Mr. Mohmadalli Shariff Lakhani 1 to 1
1st October 1995 Mr. Kapashi gave place of the suit property to M r. T. D. Vora for the hoarding purpose for the period of 25
years upto 2020 suit R.A.D. 313/1994 running in Court of small causes stating that Mr. Dhirajlal S. Kapashi has no right title in the Suit property
1 to 5
9th February 1998 Deed of declaration by Mr. Seventilal S. Kapashi consent decree obtained in 1985 after the lapse of 13 years when both the executors expired 1 to 8
1st September 1998 Mr. Raza Hussein Lakhani Son of executor Mr. Hussein Shariff Lakhani gave the charge of Santacruz west
property to the daughter of Late. Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani Mrs Khairunisha Kamaluddin Pradhan
1 to 8
5th February1999

Death Certificate ot Mrs. Khairunisha Kamaluddin Pradhan, daughter of Late. Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani and mother of Mrs. Razia Amiralli Shroff, Mr Shiraz Kamaluddin Pradhan and Mrs. Mumtaz Nizar Somani 1 to 1
30th June 1999 General Power of Attorney of Mr. Kapashi's Bros suit property 1 to 5
1st September 2000 Death Certificate of Mr. Kamaluddin Pradhan Husband of Mrs. Khairunisha and father of Razia - shiraz - mumtaz 1 to 1
2nd October 2000 Search report from Mr. N.D. Rane for the Worli property 1 to 21
2nd October 2000 Search report from Mr. N.D.Rane for the Worli property 1 to 3
2nd November 2000 Collector survey records of the worli property1/47 2/ 47,II7,118, 119, 120, I21,7 Plots 1 to 14
13th November 2000 MCGM extract of the property G/south word no. G/s 77, 77(2), 79 (ZF), 76-76,75/69,79(2J), 79(2G), 79(2E), 79(2D), 79(2C), 79(2B), 79(2A), 79(2), 79(3), 77(1). 1 to
24th November 2000 Mr. Amirali E. Shroff was in touch with Mr. Seventilal S. Kapashi upto 2004 he had talk on mobile 9821036711 twice - sent email- but Kapashi finally said do what you want to do. 1 to 1
8th March 2001 Mr. Raza Hussein Lakhani executors Son misguild our tenants of Santacruz and sent the Letter with all tenants
signature to know our legal statues this gentleman Mr. Raza Hussein Lakhani had voluntary given the charge of the
property to Mrs. Khairunisha K. Pradhan daughter of Late. Mr. Ramzanalli Lakhani on-1-9-1998.
1 to 1
24th February 2001 Advocate Mr.Morjes Notice to Kapashi, Brothers to settle the issue amicably without going to court litigation 1 to 6
13th June 2011 Valuation report of the property by approved Govts valuear Mr. A. B. Patvardhan 1 to 6
13th June 2001 Advocate Mr.Rangrass notice and copy of Plaint filling in the High court asked Kapashi Bros. to Settle the issue by
meeting and by way of negotiations as we are the owners and Legal heirs of Mr Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani
1 to 75
8th March 2001 Mr. Raza hussein executor son gave notice to the owners asking Legal status he gave charges of property in 1998 1 to 1
In the years 2nd March 2001 to 23rd August 2004 Advocate Mr. Morjes Govts. departments their reply to Notices to various and kapashi and Advocate total are 1 to 22 as correspondence pages under
1) Mr. Rohidas patil Minister for Housing
2) Mr. Ashok Chavan Minister of
3) Mr. Ranganthan the cheif secretary
4) Mr. Srivastav Minicipal commissioner
5) Mr./Ms, Supptt of stamps
6) Mr/Ms. Registrar of Document
7) Nimish I Kapashi
8) Seventilal S. Kapashi
9) Indulal S Kapashi
10) M/s Nishui Corpn
11) Mr. Sayed Ahmed Minister for Housing
12) Mr. M.M. Patel exc. officer Revenue & forest Department
13) Mr. Debashish chakraborty collector of Mumbai.
14) Dy assessor and collector Bombay Municipal corpn.
15) Reply from MatralaY a revenue & forest Dept Mr. A.K. Kevaikar
16) reply from MCGM Asst. Engineer DPC
17) reply from Mr. A' K. Kelbaikar
18) reply from suppt of stamps Pune Mr. V. M. Maske
19) reply from revenue forest dept Mr. M. N. Patil
20) reply from Brihanmumbai Mahanagar palika by Asstt. Assessor & Collector G/South word
21) reply from supply of stamp Mumbai
22) reply from office of the collect Mumbai city
23) reply from suPPtt of collector, Mumbai city
27th November 2002 Kapashi borrowed 1.75 crores from global Trust Bank,Hypoticated suit property and 3rd party interest created to
another from Indu corporation sister concern of Dhirajlal Shantilal Kapashi vide regd. document 6085/2/2002 dated
27 -11-2002
1 to 66
19th September 2003 Tittle search of Santacruz property given by solicitor M/s,Markand Gnadhi & Company for Mrs. Razia A Shroff Mr.
Shiraz K. Pradhan and Mrs. Mumtaz N Somani for the Santacruz(w) property of Late. Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani
In the years 2002-2003 Record showing Municipality Tax and water bills in favour of
1) Mr. Ramzanalli S. Lakhani- owner
2) Mrs. Khairunisha K. Pradhan-Daughter
3) Mr. Kamaluddin K. Pradhan- Father
4) Mr. Razia Amiralli Shroff - Daughter
5) Mr. Shiraz Kamaluddin Pradhan- Son
6) Mrs. Mumtaz Nizar somani- Daughter
1 to 4
13th April 2004 Abhay yojna field by Mr. Amiralli E. Shroff paid Rs. 1000/- Demand Draft A/c RBI A/c stamps towards suit property 1 to 6
24th April 2004 Executor Husseinalli Shariff Lakhani's daughter Mrs. Marium Lakhani claiming the rights in the Santacruz property Vide giving Advertisement in the Mumbai Samachar news papers my opinion all the family members also involved in the property of Mr Ramzanalli S. Lakhani who has no male issue and only daughter Mrs. Khairunisha K. Pradhan
who resides in Hyd(AP) from I974 to 1986 and executors family are looking after the death of Ramazanalli Shariff.
Lakhani's properties Mr. Husseinalli, has sold Worli Property in 1983 to Mr. Kapashi's and Mr. Raza Hussein has
issued receipt to flats/ shop/ garage to his family members name in I992 all transfer has done in 1 day i.e. 11 years
receipt issued in a day.
1 to 6
6th January 2004 SRA Bogus occupants irrevocable consent by Mr. Seventilal Kapashi's wife Mrs. Sushila Kapashi and his 3 other
members gave for 225 Sq. foot flat to the suit property other members are Mrs" Nandini Kapashi, Mrs. Bhakti Kapashi, and Ms Nitina Kapashi
1 to 3
2nd April 2004 Mr, Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani's grand children's sold the Santacruz property as per city survey record and paying stamp duty as per rules and established their rights 1 to 18
7th February 2006
Kapashi creating 3'rd party interest between Ashrampratha Pat Sanstha Pvt. Ltd., through Shital Talwar and Bombay
Municipal Corporation making payment Rs.9,89,700=00 vide Regd. Deed BOM/ BBE/2/dt 1171/2006 in the suit property
1 to 3
5th July 2007 Mrs, Razia Amiralli Shroff and others Legal hers of Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff lakhani has filed the OOCJ suit 2677/2007 in the mumbai. High Court against Nishuvi corpn Mr. Kapashi's and other partnership firm challenging the Consent Decree obtained in 1985 fraudantly. 1 to 300
5th May 2007 and 11th September 2007 05-05- 2007 and 1I-09-2007 property Advertisement in News papers Shroff & Kapashi 1 to 1
28th June 2007 Consent from tenant to re-develop property  
8th July 2007 Advocate Mr. Morje and CPA Mr. Amiralli E Shroff took the meeting at orchid Hall 2nd floor, A B Road with the tenants of our property 1 to 7
1st September 2007 Investigation report of the Worli property taken out by Mr. N.D. Rane 1 to 13
14th September 2007 Valuation .report of the Worli property taken out by Mr. S. Ahmed Nazir 1 to 5
22nd September 2007 Lessor Notice to Mr. Kapashi as he is not the absolute owner of the Property 1 to1
2nd July 2008 Worli Property Tax statement showing the names of the Lessee Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani and Mr, Hassanalli Jummabhai as a Lessor dues Pending since 25-07-2000 to 24-01-2009 a sum of Rs.4,60,365=00 1 to 44
3rd March 2008 City Survey Property extract showing the names of owners Mr. Ramzanalli Shariff Lakhani, than his daughter name Mrs Khairunisha Kamaluddin Pradhan than to Husband and childrens namely Mr Kamaluddin K. Pradhan Mrs. Razia Amiralli Shroff, Mr. Shiraz Kamaluddin Pradhan and Mrs. Mumtaz Nizar Somani 1 to 16
11th February 2008 Redevelopment Agreement sent to all the tenants of Fatakadawala chawl, Worli by Mr. Amiralli E. Shroff 1 to3
2lst May 2008 Activist Mr. Sanjiv Chembulkar's working for the tenants of Fatakawala Chawls complete proceedings addressed to SRA Authority and other Govts. department 1 to 500
2nd. August 2008 MCGM Property MAP.  
20th August 2008 Power of Attorney of Kapashi's Brothers suits property 1 to 5
I4th October 2008 Photographs of 2 chawls demolished by the Kapashi Bros. suit was in progress. 1 to 3
18th February 2009 Power of Attorney from all 3 Legal heirs in favour of Mr. Amiralli E Shroff as CPA 1 to 79
16th June 2009 Advocate Morje's notice to bldg. Proposal dept informing Suit 360/1978 and suit filed 2677/2007 with the report 1 to 7
21st August 2009 Chamber Summons t352/20.09 in suit 2677 /2007 by Advocate Mr. Mahabaleshwar Morje 1 to 28
9th February 2010 Suit 290L/2010 suit filed in the mumbai High Court 1 to
23rd April 2010 Advocate General of Maharashtra state has issued a letter to Mr. Kapashis advocate Mr. Madhusudhan Gawde to Lodge an criminal contempt petition against Mr. Amiralli E. Shroff POA holder of earlier 1999 Power from the owners also he has told to book the legal heirs in
India 1) Mrs. Razia Amiralli Shroff 2) Mr. Shiraz Kamaludd in Prad han 3) M rs. Mumtaz Nizar Somani both USA and Canada respectively Mr. Kadam who was the advocate for the Kapashi's brother in the year 1984 and he has obtained the Consent decree/terms/in favours of Mr.Kapashi got the worli property. booked owners Mr. Lakhanis Legal heirs the consent decree 2677 /2007 and 2901/2010 Suit respectively and they are the owners of the suit property.
1 to 1
3rd May 2010 Criminal contempt petition 3/2010 filed by the Kapashis through his advocate Mr. Madhu Sudhan Gawde. 1 to 200
26th July 2010 Preceipe filed in the suit No. 2677/2007 by advocate Mr. Morje. 1 to 5
30tn August 2010
Precipe filed by advocate Chirag Shah in the Suit No.2677/2007 1 to 6
10th September 2010 Preciepe filed by the advocate Mr. Chirag Shah in the Suit No . 2677 /2007 1 to 3
1st October 2010 Hon'ble Justic Mr. Ganoo has with drawn the Suit No. 2677/2007 on he request of Advocate Chirag Shah preceipe on the simplicity grands 1 to 5
1st November 2010 Notice of lis pendens was filed by the owners/legal heirs through their CPA Mr Amiralli E. Shroff Vide Index II No. 8554/2010  
15th December 2010 FIR filed by the Seventilal Shantilal Kapashi Against Mr. Amiralli E. Shroff as a CPA and 3 owners legal heirs u/s 420, 465, 467, 468, 469, 47t, 474, 120 (B), 506, 34, in suit 242/2010 1 to 100
7th February 2011 Anticipatory Bail was granted by the Hon'ble Judge Mr. M.L. Thaliyani of Session Court of Bombay for Rs 10,000/- cash surety. 1 to 100
10th October 2011 Anticipatory bail was rejected by the Hon'ble Session Judge Mrs. Swapna Joshi on the ground that Mr. Shroff Tried to Gain the property in his name. 1 to 9
10th October 2011 Arrest was made to PC at Azad Maidan for B days and JC for 1 day at Arthur Road Jail 1 to 1
19th October 2011 Hon'ble Justic Mr" Patil grant bail cash surity for 15,000/- and to visit every week twice for 2 months to Azad Maidan Police Stations which ends 19-12-201I 1 to1
11th October 2011 Times of India advertisement property worth 1000 crs.  
15th March 2012 Appeal 662/2011 in Suit No. 2901/2010 and Notice of Motion 3616/2010 was on hoard and decided/heard 1 to 100
15th March 2012 Appeal No. 680/2011 in the Suit No. 2901/2010 and Notice of Motion No. 3616/2010 was on board and decided/heard. 1 to 100
4th May 2012 Suit 242/20L0 Charge sheet of 3555 pages was given to Mr. Amiralli E. Shroff in the Killa Court Room No 8 by the order of the Hon'ble Judge Mr' Patil and next hearing is fixed 12/07/2012 1 to 3555 APX
12th june 2012 Criminal Contempt Petition 3/2010 came before the Hon'ble Judge Shri. Bobde and Mrs. Bhatkar and next hearing is fixed on 10/07/2012 1*1
In the year 2012 June Appeal against order 15/03/2012 on 662/2011 and 680/2011 in the Suit no 2901/2010 and Notice of Motion No 3616/2010 will be file in the end of lune 2012 and matter will be on board in the 2nd week of July2012

1*1000 APX
June 2012 Family tree of the owners legal heirs of Late Ramazanalli Shariff Lakhani 1 to 10
06/07/2012 Case 242/2011 Magistrate court Warrant issued and got warrant can. 1 to 6
10/07/2012 Criminal Contempt petition on board of grudge bobde not sitting next dates 31/10/12  
23/07/2012 Special leave petition admitted by how judge Mr D K Jain and Mr Madan Lokur.  
25/08/2012 Civil appeal 5514-5515 of 2010 was on board in the supreme court pursued Letter of Defendants Advocate for time.  
23/10/12 FIR 242/2011 was on board at Metropolitan magistrate court and next dates is on 19/01/2013  
29/10/2012 Civil appeal No 5514 and 5515 was on board and next dates is 01/02/2013.  
31/10/2012 Criminal Contempt petition was on board provisional no dates was given in the High court uptil now.  
29/10/2012 FIR next dates 19-1-2013  
29/10/2012 Civil appeal 5514 and 5515 of 2012 in supreme court is 3-1-2013 - 1-2-2013  
23-11-2012 plaintiff's advocate mr chirag j shah gave publice notice in the 4 local news papers informing general public that the matter is pending for the judgment in the supreme court of india  
8/01/2013 civil appeal 5514/2012 was on hearing before the hon'ble mr justice chandramauli kr prasad and hon'ble mr justice fakkir mohamad ibrahim kalifula and next dates is 01/02/2013  
19/01/2013 FIR 242/2010 in the court of addl. chief metropolitan magistrate 8th court esplanade next date is 19-03-2013  
06-02-2013 defendant's advocate mr prasant g karande replied to our notice dated 23-11-2012 vide local news paper times of india and mumbai samachar  
15-02-2013 deed of declaration dated 09-02-2013 was signed and notorised by the cpa mr ae shroff  
121 30/04/2013 Supreme court Civil appeal 5514/2012 next dates on board listed is 30/04/2013  
122 22/04/2013 FIR next dates  
123 10/06/2013 contempt petition  
124 17/06/2013 contempt petition  
125 21/06/2013 FIR next dates  
126 08/07/2013 contempt petition  
127 15/07/2013 contempt petition  
128 12/08/2013 FIR next dates  
129 12/08/2013 contempt petition  
130 07/09/2013 FIR next dates  
131 12/09/2013 contempt petition  
132 10/10/2013 contempt petition  
133 16/01/2014 high court criminal contempt petition 3/2010 adv chirag shah and adv rashid Montana appears.  
134 06/02/2014 supreme court criminal contempt petition D 26799/2013 filed by the kapashi's and withdrawn.  
135 03/04/2014 high court criminal contempt petition 3/2010 adv chirag shah appeared.  
136 26/06/2014 high court criminal contempt petition 3/2010 adv chirag shah and adv rushil Mehta appeared.  
137 06/05/2014 Supreme Court of India IA No 7/2014 matter called in the civil appeal no 5514/2012 for hearing after summer vacation.
138 14/10/2014 Civil appeal 5514/2012 matter was called for hearing tag with the 7732/2011 and others before the Hon'ble judges M Y Eqbal and Shiva Kirti Singh and the next dates is 18/11/2014.
139 18/11/2014 Civil appeal 5514/2012 matter was called for hearing tag with 7732/2011 and others before the Hon'ble judges M Y Eqbal And Shiva Kirti Singh and next dates is 19/12/2014.
140 10/12/2014 Civil appeals 5514/2014 and 5515/2012 was called for hearing tag with 7732/2011 and others before the Hon'ble judges M Y Eqbal and Shiva Kirti Singh and next dates is 20/01/2015.
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141 28/01/2015 Matter was called for hearing Before the Hon'ble justice M Y Iqbal and R K Agarwal all parties senior lawyers top counsels were present and the next was assigned is 18/02/2015
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142   Criminal contempt petition 3/2010 High Court mumbai is on the board before the Hon'ble justice PV Hardas and Dr Salini Phansalkar Joshi on 10/02/2015  
143 28/01/2015 Supreme Court matter was heard and next dates was sehedule 03/02/2015.  
144 03/02/2015 Supreme Court matter was heard and next dates was sehedule 25/02/2015 click here for latest order with top council  
145 25/02/2015 Matter was on board partly heard next date is 26/02/2015
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146 26/02/2015 Matter was on board next date is 18/03/2015
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147 18/03/2015 Matter was on board next dates is awaited.  
148 08/04/2015 Judgements delivered jointly and the appeals dismissed for the respective parties on the ground of issue of law but not on the facts by the Hon'ble justice mr Iqbal and Hon'ble justice mr Kurien options are open for review petition? click here for latest order with top council  
149 08/04/2015 Civil apppeal 5515/2012 disposed off  
150 08/04/2015 Civil appeal. 5514/2012 last listed next dates awaited  
151 29/06/2015 Criminal Contempt 3/2010 on board before judge p v Hardas and A S Gadkari  
152 28/07/2015 Criminal contempt 3/2010 on board before judge B P Dharmadhikari and A S Gadkari  
153 07/08/2015 Review Petition 2246/2015 in supreme last listed on 07/08/2015 next dates awaited.  
154 07/08/2015 Review Petition 2251/2015 in supreme last listed on 07/08/2015 next dates awaited  
155 17/08/2015 Criminal petition 3/2010 was fixed 3 pm was srhedule but not shown on board  
156 19/08/2015 Civil appeal 5514/2012 supreme court was last listed on board  
157 01/09/2015 Civil appeal 5514/2012 supreme court is likely to come on 10/09/2015  
158 10/09/2015 Civil appeal 5514/2012 and review petition 2246/2015 was heard and next dates was fixed on 30/09/2015.  
159 30/09/2015 Civil appeal 5514/2012 and review petition 2246/2015 was heard today and order was reserved by the Hon'ble mr M Y Eqbal and Hon'ble Mr Kurian Joseph.  
160 30/09/2015 OOCJ suit 2901/2010 NM 3616/2010 high court matter was on board B4 Hon'ble Mr K R Sriram and next dates was fixed on 17/10/2015.  
161 09/10/2015 Civil appeal 5514/2012 and review petition 2246/2015 liberty granted to proceeds in the Mumbai high court in notice of motion 3616/2010  
162 15/10/2015 FIR 242/2010 disposed on 22/04/2013 and 22/07/2013 by Hon'ble chief metropolitan magistrates court no 5 and 8 Respectively attached copy.  
163 20/10/2015 Criminal contempt petition 3/2010 was on board on 28/07/2015 and next dates is on 17/11/2015.  
164 20/10/2015 Notice of motion 3616/2010 in suit no 2901/2010 was on board on 20/10/2015 and next dates is on 07/12/2015.  
165 17/11/2015 Criminal contempt petition 3/2010 was on board before judges mr v m kanade and mrs Mohite Dere Procedings are complete next dates was 16/12/2015.  
166 16/12/2015 Next dates reflected 06/01/2016 next dates 12/01/2016 next dates 01/02/2016 next dates is 15/02/2016.  
167 29/09/2015 Suit 2901/2010 notice of motion 3616/2010 matter was before the judge mr k r sriram next dates was 17/10/2015 next was 20/10/2015 next was 03/12/2015.  
168 03/12/2015 Suit 2901/2010 notice of motion 3616/2010 matter was before the judge mr s c Gupte next was 21/12/2015 next was 22/01/2016 now listed on 18/02/2016.  
169 03/02/2016 Criminal writ petition 16/2016 was listed before the judges mr ranjit more and mr s c Gupte and now next dates is 21/03/2016.  
170 03/02/2016 Supreme court review petition 2251/2015 was before the judges mr Eqbal and mr Joseph Kurian in the chember and disposed off.  
171 08/02/2016 Notice of motion 4336/2009 of suit no 2677/2007 was disposed off on 01/10/2010 now reopened again by the other side is listed before the Hon'ble judge Shri s c Gupte on 24/02/2016.  
172 15/02/2016 Criminal contempt petition 3/2010 before the Hon'ble justice mr v m kanade and mrs revati Mohite Dere mr omkar khanvilkar from solicis lex was present other side asked for adjournment now next dates is 29/02/2016.  
173 17/02/2016 Criminal writ petition 16/2016 was before the Hon'ble judges Shri ranjit more and Shri v l achliya.  
174 18/02/2016 Criminal writ petition 16/2016 was before the Hon'ble judges shri ranjit more and shri v l achliya on supplementary board present mr Ashok mishra from solicis lex ms Rebecca gonsalves and madhusudhan gawde next dates is 10/03/2016.  
175 18/02/2016 Notice of motion 3616/2010 in suit no 2901/2010 was listed before the Hon'ble judge s c Gupte and next dates is 07/03/2016  
176 28/02/2016 A copy of summons received hand delivery from the additional metropolitan court no 37 to submit the charge sheet documents in 339/2012 by 10/03/2016  
177 07/03/2016 Notice of motion 3616/2010 in suit no 2901/2010 next dates is 21/03/2016  
178 09/03/2016 Criminal contempt petition 3/2010 before the Hon'ble judges mr A S Oka and G S Kulkarni but not reaches now the next dates is 04/04/2016.  
179 10/03/2016 A full volumes of charge sheet as demanded by the additional metropolitan court vide their summons dated 28/02/2016 advocate from solicis lex visited the court to deliver but informed by the clerk to submit on 22/03/2016  
180 10/03/2016 Notice of motion 4336/2009 in suit no 2677/2007 was likely to come on provisional board on 14/03/2016  
181 10/03/2016 Criminal writ petition 16/2016 now next dates is shown on the internet site 06/01/2017  
182 21/04/2016 Chief metropolitan megistrare court in case no 339/2012 a volumes of 300 documents was submitted by advocate Pradeep dubey of solicis lex law firm next dates of hearing is on 13/05/2016  
183 25/04/2016 Oposition has filed short cause suit no 870/2016 in the Bombay city civil court 1st hearing is schedule on 06/05/2016  
184 28/04/2016 Curative petition filed in the Supreme Court and the diary no is 15015 of 2016  

Eastern Pictures
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We have produced 4 films in the Eastern studio worli in the year 1942-1946 with the multistars of 50's under the banner of "Eastern Pictures" of owner R.S.Lakhani. click here for more delails
BADAL 1942
DAVAT 1943

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Mr Shroff had Meeting with the tenants along with advocate mr mahabaleshwar morje at hotel sun ville of orchid hall Worli on 08/07/2007 with high tea.

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